British ISIS Fighter Ordered To Close Down Telegram Channel By Islamic State Media Center, Urges Followers To Join ISIS In Libya

January 11, 2016

On January 8, 2015, British ISIS fighter Omar Hussain posted his final messages on his Telegram account, revealing that he had been asked to close it by the Islamic State Media Center. He also shared a plea from an ISIS fighter in Libya for those interested in jihad to join the battle in Libya. Omar Hussain was previously very active on Twitter and Tumblr, frequently penning advice articles about life in the Islamic State and offering glimpses into Syria with many photographs. At the time of this writing, his channel had 707 members.

Forced Shutdown of Telegram Account

The following is the content of his messages:

“Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Unfortunately I am hereby prohibited to publish any of my articles which are related to Dawlah [ISIS] and have been ordered to close this channel down by the friendly Media Team here in Sham [Syria]. Allah has ordered us to listen and obey the leaders, and even though some may strongly disagree with this order and reject it on all notions, we are obliged to listen and obey as per the conditions of the bay’ah [allegiance].

“The order I received from the friendly Media Team here in the Islamic State was as follows:

“‘You have been previously informed and prohibited from publishing any of your material, and on any platform. The above mentioned pages evidence a clear violation of this prohibition. Under strict orders from the Media Center of the Islam State, you must immediately close the above mentioned pages. We will continue to closely follow your activities and any further violations will come with serious repercussions and will be dealt with swiftly. Islamic State Media Center.’

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