British ISIS Fighter Ordered Off Social Media By ISIS Launches Facebook Account

February 23, 2016

British ISIS fighter was very active on a host of social media platforms, including Twitter, Tumblr, and Telegram, until he was ordered, on January 8, 2016 by the ISIS Media Center, to shut down his Telegram channel and cease all social media postings. He shared the message he had received from the Media Center telling him to relinquish his social media presence; the message sternly warned: “We will continue to closely follow your activities, and any further violations will come with serious repercussions and will be dealt with swiftly.” He created a Facebook account on January 31, 2016; at the time of this writing, he had 294 Facebook friends.

Posts On Jihad And Life In Syria

He dedicates some posts to explaining why jihad in Syria is mandatory. On February 16, 2016 he posted, “The primary reason for jihad is to remove the man-made laws & replace them with the Shari’ah. So any jihadi group that does not implement the shari’ah is not fighting ‘Fee Sabeelilaah’ [for the sake of Allah] (even though they may claim to). If this is understood then it will be easy for u to know which group is upon the haqq [truth].”


On February 6, he posted an entry dedicated to the effects war has on a fighter: “Being in war changes a person. As time goes on, your character will change. You will become more mature and less attached to the worldly life due to what you have seen and experienced. However it can also have negative effects on you. War can bring about a pinch of harshness in u which u otherwise wouldn’t have had. Harshness towards the dunya [worldly life] and everything attached to it; and maybe the slight harshness towards those who r not in jihad and not giving a helping hand. Sometimes when u go thru all the struggle of war u get shocked at how easy life is for other in Dar Al- Kufr [Land of infidels; i.e. the West] (no fear of bombs, comfy beds, nice clothes etc.) And at times slight anger may come out. Based on this, I seek forgiveness from everyone if my words may be somewhat harsh now and then. I remind myself and all others to be SOFT towards the believers and harsh towards the disbelievers. I sincerely ask your forgiveness if any of my previous posts upset anyone.”


 On February 4, he uploaded some photos of kittens in Syria. He also confirmed his identity. In a comment he added, “Sister pls don’t comment saying ‘awww’ or with love hearts etc. It’s fitnah [strife] jzk khair.” A user called Awaish Kui Kui wrote, ” I know where these pics come from… It is from Dr. Abu Saeed al-Britani. Hussain wrote, “Akhi, I’m abu Sa’eed Britani… and I’m not a doctor lol.”


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