UNICEF India Website Hacked By Turkish Hackers

August 25, 2015

It was reported on August 19, 2015 that Turkish hackers had hacked and defaced the official website of UNICEF India (The United Nations Children’s Fund) several days previously.

A group of three Turkish hackers, RootDevilz, Jonturk75, and Bozkurt97, claimed responsibility for defacing the official website of UNICEF India; the deface included a message against China, the US, the UN, the EU, and Israel.

The deface message read, in Turkish and English: “UNICEF İndia Pwned | Hearts a Petrified Monster Israeli Zionists. You Will Find us in The Face of All the Games You’ve Played”

Asked why they hacked the website of a humanitarian institution, the hackers said that they were sending a message against China, who is behind the massacre of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang region; against the U.S, which is killing people around the world; against the EU which is against immigrants; to Israel which is killing Palestinians; to India which is killing Kashmiris; and to the UN for not taking action against any of them.

The deface page

Source: Hackread.com, August 19, 2015.