U.K. ‘Cyber-Sultan’ Convicted Of Promoting Terrorism

July 6, 2016


On June 29, 2016, it was reported that a Thornton Heath man who had called himself the “Cyber-Sultan” and boasted of establishing an Islamic State in the UK has been found guilty of promoting terrorism.  The man, Mohammed Alam, was convicted of distributing a terrorist publication at Kingston Crown Court after posting links to a video by ISIS several times in July of 2015.  Alam had been arrested on December 22 under suspicion of sharing terrorist material after detectives seized a laptop and mobile phone from a business address in south London.  Chatroom logs allegedly show Alam asking users to watch the video “regarding ISIS in Prophesy [sic],” produced by Turkish thinker Adnan Oktar concerning the Syrian civil war.  The logs show Alam claiming he was working to “establish an Islamic State within the UK” and posting video links alluding to activities of ISIS being scripturally foretold.  In one conversation, Alam remarked that he supported ISIS, having previously supported the Taliban.  Investigators recovered several magazines and leaflets from Alam’s bedroom, some of which lauded the 9/11 and 7/7 terrorist attacks.

Source: Crydonguardian.co.uk, June 29, 2016