Turkish Hackers Target Vienna International Airport

September 9, 2016

On September 7, 2016, it was reported that Turkish hackers “Aslan Neferler Tim,” or “Lion Soldiers Team,” had targeted the Vienna International Airport with DDoS attacks. Austrian authorities claimed that the attacks failed, and only momentarily brought down the airport’s website but never compromising the airport’s internal systems. The hackers claimed credit for the attacks on Twitter, leveling accusations of racism and hinting at political motivations for the hack. The Associated Press speculated that the attack was in response to airport officials refusing to approve a visa for Turkish citizens after a flight was grounded due to technical reasons. Conversely, The Local, an Austrian newspaper, posited that the attack was a reaction to the Austrian government requesting that the EU cease membership negotiations with Turkey following the government’s response to the attempted coup d’etat.


Source: news.softpedia.com, September 7, 2016