Tunisian Hacktivists Threaten the United States In A Video

April 30, 2014


Hackers of a group called the Tunisian Hackers Team have announced a new campaign against the U.S. Dubbed #TheWeekOfHorror, the operation’s goal is to get the U.S. to recall its military from the “beloved Muhammad lands.”

The group issued the threats in a video addressed to the president of the US, the DHS, the FBI and the CIA.


The video states that the operation is set for July 2014, that the hackers have already gained access to details of 12,000 First BanCorp customers, and that the US government should get in touch with them via its Twitter account before the plan is put into action and they continue to attack not only the U.S.’s financial sector, but also computer systems at airports.

The group has taken part in OpIsrael.

Source: Softpedia, April 14, 2014.