Technical Section Of Al-Battar Media Offers Tutorial On Installing TOR On Android

October 27, 2014

On October 13, 2014, the Twitter account for Warshat Fursan Al-Nashr, a subsidiary of the Al-Battar media company – the mouthpiece of the Shumoukh Al-Islam forum – posted a link to a tutorial on installing the anonymizing software TOR (The Onion Router) on Android devices. TOR is a widely used program among jihadis, who use it to conceal their online identity and to provide them with anonymous web access.

Tweet: “Warshat Fursan Al-Nashr – Second Lesson in Amn Al-Munasir [Security of the Supporter] series (linking TOR with an Android [operating] system)” (Source: @Nashr_F_, October 13, 2014)

The tweet included a link to a YouTube video that demonstrated how to install and run TOR on Android. The installation of TOR, it is noteworthy, requires the rooting of the device (i.e. gain administrative privileges on it). Rooting was covered in a separate tutorial by Warshat Fursan Al-Nashr. The video also included the Twitter account of the Warshat Furan Al-Nashr “technical supervisor” (@abrahem11122). Below are snapshots from the tutorial:


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