Syrian Observatory For Human Rights Hacked By ISIS Supporters

July 14, 2015


On July 8, the website of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was hacked by Islamic State (ISIS) supporters identifying themselves as the “Cyber Army of the Khalifa.”

The hackers posted a photo and Arabic text threatening the organization’s director, Rami Abdul-Rahman; the photo showed a man in an orange jumpsuit kneeling next to an ISIS fighter with Abdul-Rahman’s face photoshopped onto him. A screenshot of the hacked page distributed via Twitter.

The hackers destroyed data the monitor had collected on its servers, but, Abdul-Rahman says, the data was backed up and will be published on the group’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

According to the AFP, the Observatory had previously received threats from both the Syrian regime and Al-Qaeda.

Source:, Twitter, July 8, 2015.