Syrian Hacker Targets UNICEF New Zealand Blog, Calls For International Action On Syria

May 9, 2014


On April 26, 2014, a Syrian hacker using the handle “Dr.SHA6H” hacked UNICEF New Zealand’s official blog (, leaving a message asking world governments why they would not intervening in the Syrian crisis.

The message on the hacked site read: “Today, after looking at what faces (Syria), note that most countries in the world do not want to help Syria. The U.S. Intervened in the problem (of Osama bin Laden). Why? Now the U.S. and other countries do not intervene in the problem of Syria (Bashar Al-Assad).”

This same message was left on a website belonging to the Saudi Arabian health ministry.

Dr.SHA6H has been targeting various websites since the beginning of the Syrian conflict. His targets include the website for the city of Mansfield, OH, the Serbian distributor for anti-virus software Avast, and more.

Source: Hackread, April 26, 2014.