Syrian Electronic Army Seeking Volunteers To Join Its Ranks

August 13, 2015


The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has launched a campaign on its official website and social media pages to recruit volunteers to join its ranks, both as hackers and as disseminators of material. A message on the front page of the SEA website ( read:

Volunteer with us

“Join the Syrian Electronic Army to support the case of the Syrian people.

Be one of us

“To contribute with us in supporting the cause of the Syrian Arab people by armaments with science and knowledge against the campaigns led by the Arab and Western media on our country by broadcasting fabricated news about what is happening in Syria, you can join our pages via social networking sites: VK – Twitter or by spreading the videos that were uploaded on our page on YouTube. Join our pages by clicking on the links below to be one of the Syrian Electronic Army soldiers.”


Source:, accessed August 13, 2015.