Syrian Electronic Army Announces U.S. Army Website Hack On Twitter, Issues Statement On Its Website

June 8, 2015


On June 8, 2015, the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) announced on its official Twitter account that it had successfully hacked the website for the U.S. Army ( The SEA also tweeted images and messages that they had planted on the website, accusing the U.S. army of “training the people they have sent you to die fighting” – likely hinting at jihadi groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS.





The following day, the SEA released a statement on their website regarding the hack, which read:

“On Monday evening at 8:05PM, the Syrian Electronic Army hacked the official website of the US Army. The hack was performed after targeting the CDN service used by US Army website. The SEA was able to intercept the content paths after discovering an exploit in the Control Panel that provide the ability to edit the protected content paths. The SEA posted on the hacked website several messages calling the US military to stop training terrorists in Turkey and Jordan. There are sources confirmed to us, that there are voices within the US military reject this training and consider it a big mistake. The SEA qualify the data obtained from this attack and other old-attacks, to be published later if that was necessary.”


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