Report: Islamic Cyber Army Launches “9/11-Size” Cyber Attack On U.S., Releases Obama’s “Personal Details,” Gives “7 Days’ Notice To Stop Attacking Muslims Or U.S. Secrets Will Be Published”

September 11, 2015


According to a report, the Islamic Cyber Army has launched a massive “9/11-size” cyber attack against the U.S., after promising on social media to do so beginning at 12 PM Mecca time. They hacked the Azerbaijani Amarah Banks and posted a message stating “We hacked many of your banks, government and military websites, serious and sensitive informations and we will publish some, If you won’t stop we will publish all data later. FINAL Warning ,we define you 7 days notice that if you didn’t stop your War , we will post information would threaten the security of your countries, All praise to Allah the merciful the Almighty
And peace and blessings be upon his messenger Muhammad
Allahu Akbar The – ISLAMIC CYBER ARMY”

The group then, according the report, tweeted personal information of President and First Lady Obama, including email addresses and phone numbers, and promised to post information about “CIA, FBI, and U.S. military officers and saudi princess [and] their bank accounts.” The tweets were captioned: “As we promised you obama in your home Info about Rome monkey and his family”


The MEMRI CJL has the original tweets in its possession but is not posting them.

The attack is reportedly ongoing and, according to the report, “more hacks and info seems to be published. not all what hackers have will be published unless America does not stop its war and ask for ceasefire.” 

A more comprehensive report on this will be published soon by the CJL.

Source:, September 11, 2015