Qatar National Bank Database Hacked, Info Leaked Online Including Details On Al-Jazeera Reporters, Qatari Royal Family; Shared By Jihadi Hacker Group ‘Cyber Khilafah’

April 27, 2016


On April 26, 2016, the Qatar National Bank database was hacked and some 1.4 GB of data were leaked online. The data includes hundreds of thousands of records such as customer transaction logs, account and credit card numbers, and information on customers including several Al-Jazeera journalists and even members of Qatar’s Al-Thani royal family.

One folder in the leaked data is labelled “SPY, Intelligence” and contains records allegedly belonging to British MI6 and the Qatari State Security Bureau. Other folders also allegedly contain info on Polish and French intelligence.

Jihadis also shared the leaked info. Jihadi hacker group Cyber Khilafah posted a direct link to the leaked file on its Telegram channel (see image above. MEMRI has possession of the full info, but details have been redacted in this report).

Source:,, April 26, 2016; Cyber Khilafah Telegram channel.