Pro-Palestinian High School Student Claims To Have Hacked CIA Chief, Homeland Security Secretary

October 21, 2015

A hacker using the Twitter handle @phphax claimed to have hacked the personal AOL email account of CIA Director John Brennan. The hacker claimed that Brennan was using the account for official purposes, and posted what he claimed were documents he obtained in the hack, which included supposed personal details of 20 CIA agents. The tweets featured pro-Palestinian slogans. On October 19, the user claimed that “things are starting to get hot” and that he would decrease activity on his account.

The hacker told the New York Post that he was an American non-Muslim high school student, but the description on his Twitter account includes the Muslims shahada as well as the hashtags #Anonymous #OpNimr and #CWA (the supposed hacker group he belongs to). He is often boastful and cocky, mocking and taunting authorities for their attempts to find him and their denials regarding some of his deeds. He is also in contact with other hacker groups such as Anonymous and the pro-Palestinian Qassam Hacker (see images below)

The CIA said they were aware of the reports on the alleged hacking of Brennan’s email account and had referred it to the appropriate authorities. The DHS issued a similar statement on the Johnson hack.

Following are several tweets by phphax, as well as related accounts, going back to September, 2015, detailing various hacks and other activity:



@phphax hacks Holocaust Museum website

@phphax claims to have hacked the private Comcast account of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

@phphax mentions hacking the CIA director’s email account

Document supposedly taken from John Brennan’s email (details blurred by MEMRI)

Pro-Palestinian tweets by @phphax






Account associated with @phphax and CWA

Source:, October 19, 2015;;