Pro-Islamic State Hacker Groups Target ‘Apostates’ In Egypt And Sinai, Claim Data Gathered Will Be Useful For The Mujahideen

January 9, 2015

On January 4, 2014, Khawla Al-Sinawiyya, a female member of the Jihadi Media Platform forum ( posted a link to a video that showed the breaching of a large number of Facebook pages that apparently belonged to Egyptian armed forces personnel, whom the video referred to as apostates. According to the video, hackers managed to gain access to the computers and mobile phones of their targets, obtaining valuable information in the process, including their workplaces and whereabouts. The video said that such information was useful for the mujahideen, whom it referred to as “our brothers.”

According to the video, the attack was a joint effort by the Electronic Jihad Team and the Al-Mukhabarat Al-Islamiyya (The Islamic Intelligence Services). It also said that electronic warfare is the primary tool in the war against the apostates in Egypt and Sinai: “Let the apostates in Sinai and Egypt know that… our war with them is not a war [carried out] on land only, but, firstly, [is] an electronic one, since this is the main weapon of the battle, and its strongest and most effective tool…”

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