Pro-ISIS Writer Urges Online Jihadis To Defy Twitter Suspension Policy, Warns Against Switching To Telegram

October 5, 2016

On September 28, 2016, Al-Wafa’ Foundation, a pro-ISIS media company, released an article urging online jihadis to defy Twitter’s active suspension of jihadi accounts, particularly those containing ISIS materials. The article called on them to intensify their activities on the platform and warned them against giving in and switching to Telegram.

In the article, which was titled “Let’s Desert Twitter: A Message to the Caliphate’s Supporters,” and was posted on Al-Wafa’s official Telegram channel, the writer, Qaswara Al-Maqdisi, stressed the important role played by ISIS supporters, which has been recognized by ISIS leadership on several occasions. After specifically mentioning the ISIS video “the Structure of the Caliphate,” which listed online supporters as part of the caliphate’s media department, he wrote: “And know brother, may Allah bless you, that this is how you [bring] disappointment [to ISIS] after being classified as soldiers of the Islamic State on the media front. It has become incumbent on us to deliver the message of the Islamic State and you have realized that Twitter is the media battleground – it is not confined to Telegram. So, when are going back to being determined and supportive like those who have remained steadfast now?”

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