Pro-ISIS Hacking Group Posts Security Instructions Following Brussels Attacks

March 22, 2016


Following the terrorist attacks in Brussels on March 22, 2016, the pro-ISIS hacker group Kalachnikv E-Security Team posted a message on its Telegram channel providing its followers in Belgium with security instructions. Their message reads:

“Attention to all our brothers in Belgium:

“- Stay away from using internet unless you are using encryption software such as Tor Network, i2P Network, VPN.

“- Encrypt all your jihadi files and it’s better to delete them permanently with Erase or iShredder or Kill Disk.

“- We highly recommend using Tails OS or Qubes OS and stay away from using any other products or systems unless you unplug internet.

“- Stay away from Social Media websites. Don’t share any information with your brothers right now. Keep low profile until the heat dies down.

“- Intelligence agencies will work all day and night to catch any jihadi in Belgium so be ready to act.

“- Try to change your location as soon as possible and don’t tell anyone about your location.

“- Don’t panic, keep calm, and concentrate on your next move and don’t forget to warn your brothers to take precautions.”

Source: Kalachinkv E-Security Team Telegram channel, March 22, 2016.