Pro-ISIS Hacking Group Posts ‘Lone Wolf Scorecard’ On Telegram, Marks Recent Stabbing, Bombing, Vehicular Attacks; Shooting, Poisoning, Beating Attacks Still Unmarked

July 26, 2016


The pro-ISIS hacking group Caliphate Cyber Army (CCA) posted an image on its Telegram channel featuring various methods for lone wolf attacks. The graphic includes shooting, stabbing, bombing, vehicular attacks, rock throwing, poisoning, and beating.


After the July 14 vehicular attack in Nice, France, CCA reposted the scorecard, but this version had a red circle around the vehicular attack image. The post included the text: “Mission has been completed. Waiting next.”


Following the July 19 stabbing attack in Wurzburg, Germany, CCA once again updated its scorecard to include a stabbing attack. The post included the text “Second operation successfully completed. Waiting for the next. Islamic State win.”


CCA updated its scorecard once again on July 25, following the suicide bombing in Ansbach, Germany. This time the bombing icon was also included, along with the text “Ansbach, Germany. Operation completed. Alhamdullilah.”


On July 26, the scorecard was updated yet again to include 2 stabbing attacks after the killing of a priest in Normandy, France. The new post included the text: “Normandy. Mission has been completed successfully. Waiting for the next. UCC. CCA.”