Pro-ISIS, FSA, And Al-Qaeda Hacker Groups Target Russian Websites And Pilots; Leak Information Via Twitter

October 14, 2015

Over the past few days Russia has been a target of hackers supporting the Islamic State (ISIS), the Free Syrian Army (FSA), and Al-Qaeda due to its recent military deployment in Syria. On October 7, 2015 an FSA supporter leaked the personal details of several Russian pilots. On October 9, a group of four pro-ISIS hackers posted the details of Russian websites they had hacked. On October 12th a group of pro-Al-Qaeda hackers took over a Russian website.

On October 7, Pro-FSA Twitter user AEJ[1] leaked photos and details of Russian pilots operating in Syria.  One of his tweets reads: “Sitnik Ivan, pilot of SU24 [Sukhoi 24] / military ID 69806. He who presses the ‘red button’.”

In another tweet he wrote: “Name & address of one of the Russia [sic] air forces commander who is bombing our children inside Syria now.”

On October 9, a group of hackers calling themselves “the elite section of the Islamic State” hacked the host of several Russian websites. The four hackers promoted their work with the hashtag “Russia under hacks.”[2]


On October 12, pro-Al-Qaeda Twitter user Izza Mujahid[3] wrote: “Website Kristen Russia Hacked!” He added the hashtags #OpRussia, #OpSaveSyria, and #Mujahidn_Cyber_Army.

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