Phénoméne Dz: A Pro-ISIS, Pro-Palestinian Hacker From Algeria

June 29, 2015

Phénoméne Dz is the alias for a pro-ISIS hacker who has been hacking sites since March, 2015.[1] His Twitter account (@phenodz) states that he is an “Islamic State Hacker” from Algeria. This seems to be corroborated by use of “DZ” in his username, which is the domain name for websites in Algeria.

Phénoméne Dz is a Linux user who generally targets Western countries that are aligned or allied with the NATO Coalition that he sees as an enemy of the Islamic ummah; websites based in countries with very low cyber-security, as highlighted by his increasing focus on pages based in Ukraine; and websites based in Muslim countries with regimes that ISIS considers apostates, such as Egypt, Syria and Iran. His username has been included in operations perpetrated by hacker groups such as Martyr’s Crew, Gang DZ, and El-Moujahidin, the latter being based in his home country of Algeria. Although Phénoméne Dz’s hacks have mainly targeted private websites, one of his higher profile hacks included the official government websites of Chapecó (Brazil), Vojvodina (Serbia), Syria, and Barbados.

Using rhetoric and symbolism from extremist Islamic propaganda, the Anonymous hacker collective, and Pro-Palestinian political propaganda, Phénoméne Dz has been able to fashion a unique online persona and maintains various social media accounts. His Facebook and Twitter pages aggregate his list of hacks, providing the links to sites he has targeted. He also releases video content on his YouTube page, which mainly consists of ISIS propaganda and videos on how to hack and modify web-pages.

Example of German website defaced by Phénoméne Dz with anti-American and anti-Zionist messages (Source:, June 22, 2015)

Social Media

The page was created on November 24, 2014. As of June 25, 2015, the page has 480 “likes” and has generated 55 posts.


This Facebook post, dated June 19, 2015, announces a successful hack of a Ukrainian government ministry website:


This post, dated June 17, 2015, announces the hacking of the Baltimore Neighborhoods Navigator Alliance, which was a site affiliated with the University of Baltimore:


This post from June 10, 2015, celebrates his hack of websites operated by the Syrian government:


This post, dated April 24, 2015, commemorates his hacking of websites affiliated with the government of Barbados:


This post, November 29, 2014, was posted after Phénoméne Dz participated in a hacking operation with the Martryrs Team hacker group:


 As of June 25, 2015, Phénoméne Dz’s Twitter page has 13 followers and 21 tweets.


This tweet from June 22, 2015, announces his hack of the website of the Serbian province Vojdovina:


This tweet from May 27, 2015, announces his hack of the Egyptian Subaru website:


Google Plus
As of June 25, 2015, this page has 2 followers and 5,917 views.


As of June 25, 2015, this page has 196 subscribers and a total 23,141 views on all videos.


The most watched video on Phénoméne Dz’s YouTube channel is a tutorial on installing Hidman VPN, a software application which conceals IP addresses and allows hackers to surf the internet anonymously. It has been viewed 6,802 times as of June 25:


The second most watched video on the page is a tutorial on using Hydra-THC, a program used to crack log-on information for websites requiring membership information. It has been viewed 3,615 times as of June 25:



[1] According to hacker tracking website