Pakistani Police Website Defaced By Pro-Taliban Hackers; Other Pakistani Hackers Attack India Telecom Website

May 16, 2014


The official website of the Rawalpindi police in Pakistan,, ) was hacked and defaced May 15 by a group that appears to support the Taliban. 

The deface page noted: “Hacked  by Anti Mortadin!@. This site was hacked a victory for the Taliban.” It also included images of Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders.

Rawalpindi police representatives said that the hackers did not gain access to any sensitive information.

Pakistani hackers breached another website belonging to Indian telecom company  BSNL, attacking the intranet portal for the state of Haryana.


The attackers wrote on the deface page: “Payback for hacking Pak sites! And don’ mess with Pakistan else you will lose both your name and this game . Back off lamers from our cyber space. Everybody knows whose cyber space is more vulnerable. You will hack 1 we will hack thousands.”

Sources:, Softpedia. May 16, 2014.