Pakistani Hackers Target Pakistani Channel SAMAA TV Website  

October 14, 2014

On October 12, 2014, the Pakistani hacker Kai-H4xOrR, a member of Pakistan Haxors Crew, successfully hacked the official website of Pakistani news and entertainment network SAMAA TV. According to the message left by the hacker, he was protesting the channel’s promotion of Indian culture: “Hacked By Kai-H4xOrR, Pakistan Haxors Crew! Message for Pakistan Media – Why you are promoting Indian culture? we don’t want to see Indian movies nor dramas from Indian side so stop publishing Indian content and promote your own culture… Why you are not giving total coverage to us about Ceasefire? because you are busy in azaadi march? with Imran Khan? Stop this shit because if you will not cover us then who will cover us? we still have some soft corner for you in our heart because we know that you will come to the right path soon.”

Source:, October 12, 2014.