Pakistani Hacker Defaces Website Of Pakistani Consulate In Jeddah

March 30, 2014

A Pakistani hacker going by the handle Hasnain Haxor, from Pakistan Haxor Crew, has hacked and defaced the official website of the Pakistani consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


The hacker left a message in Urdu and English stating:

“Pakistan Haxor Crew! Whatever you fail to detect, will cause your downfall… We don’t need metro bus, we need education! We don’t need terrorism but Peace! We want end to this corrupt government.”

It also stated: “Pakistan Haxors Crew is here to remind you of your security… Our fight is not against any individual but the system as a whole. Should you choose to ignore security, it will reincarnate as your worst nightmare! We just defaced your website to give you a chance to put your hands on it before others come and destroy it!”

The report linked to the targeted website as well as to its mirror.

Source: Hacking News, March 30, 2014.