Pakistan National Domain Hacked By Indian Hacker

May 9, 2014


In response to a Pakistani hacker attack on Indian websites as part of #OpPakistan, the Indian Hacker [email protected] [email protected], who is part of the I-HOS hacker group, managed to hack Pakistan’s national domain, The hacker also gained access to other national websites on the same servicer such as the Pakistani cabinet ( and the Pakistani railway (

All hacked pages displayed the following message: “One minute silence for those, who think that by hacking Indian sites they will get Kashmir. #OpPakistan stop hacking Indian sites or expect us. It’s a last warning. Greetz: Indian Hackers Online Squad and all Indian hackers.”

The hacked sites were taken down and have since been restored to normal operation. This attack comes in response to a similar attack on the Indian national domain by Pakistani hackers.

Source:, April 24, 2014.