#Opisraelbirthday: Hackers Of The World Uniting Forces For Massive Anti-Israel Cyber Attack On April 7

January 20, 2014

The online hacktivist AnonGhost along with a group of hackers has decided to attack Israeli cyber space on April 7th, Israel’s Independence Day, under the banner of #OpIsraelBirthday.


An AnonGhost representative said that this cyber attack will target every possible Israeli website to show solidarity with Palestine.

Currently the teams involved in the operation are: Mauritania Attacker , Virusa Worm, Deto Beiber, Dr.SaM!M_008, M3GAFAB , Extazy007, PhObia_PhOneyz, Mr Domoz, Tak Dikenal, AnonxoxTN, Raka 3r00t, PirateX, Bl4ck Jorozz, Younes Lmaghribi, Indonesian r00t, BlackBase Hacker, CoderSec, h4shcr4ck, Mrlele, Donnazmi,  TheGame Attacker, Man Rezpector, SaccaFrazi , Spec Tre, HusseiN98D,  HolaKo, Mr.Ajword, Root Max, Egy Eagle, THE GREATEST, BiosTeRminat0r, Man Rezpector, Hani Xavi, Don Maverick, Psyco Hacker , Black Cracker, rummykhan, Root Max, VINUX, ARAFET, TITO_SFAXSIANO and SquiCk H4ck3r.

Source: Hacking News, January 20, 2014.