On Its Facebook Page, Afghan Cyber Army Gives Hacking Lessons, Promotes #opIsrael Birthday

April 3, 2014

Along with its continued Facebook announcements of its hacks, the Afghan Cyber Army (ACA) hacktivist group has recently focused on teaching about viruses on its Facebook page.


In the comments to a post on the subject, readers asked how they could join the lessons.



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Also, as it did last year, the group also recently promoted #opIsrael Birthday, stating: “Millions of Martyrs March Toward Jerusalem/Banish the sleep from the eyes of all Jews/Come on, You Lovers of Martyrdom, You are all Hamas…We shall pray in Jerusalem InshAlllah, or else we shall die as Martyrs on its threshold.”

Source: Facebook.com/AfgCyberArmy, accessed April 3, 2014.