Notorious Moroccan-Russian Hacker “Diabl0” Arrested In Bangkok

March 18, 2014

A Bangkok police officer, left, talks to Moroccan-Russian hacker Farid Essebar, right, following his arrest.
Photo: King-oua Laohong

Infamous Moroccan-Russian hacker Farid Essebar, aka “Diabl0,” was arrested March 18, 2014 in Thailand following a joint operation between Thai and Swiss authorities who had been tracing him for more than two years.

Essabar had been wanted on computer crime charges in Switzerland, and is accused of cracking banking computer systems and hacking bank websites there, causing over $4 billion in damage to European customers.

In August 2005, Essabar and Atilla Ekici, a Turkish resident, were arrested in Morocco and Turkey respectively by the FBI with the cooperation of law enforcement agencies in those two countries on suspicion of being responsible for the creation and distribution of the “Mytob” and “Zotob” computer worms. The worms had been unleashed early that month and had disrupted services on computer networks of a variety of companies, including major U.S. news organizations.

Source: Bangkok Post, March 18, 2014; U.S. Department of Justice/FBI, August 26, 2005.