Moroccan Hackers Target Website For Spanish Socialist Workers Party Of Murcia

May 9, 2014


On December 12, 2013, the website for the Spanish Socialist Workers Party of Murcia (PSOE Murcia) was hacked by the Moroccan hacker group “Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail” (MIUM). Also attacked were 24 other Spanish websites.

The hackers left the following message on website: “Of the Moroccan people to the enemies of the free world, did not come in secret and in public, but we turned tread on your backs and say with one voice, The Sahara is Moroccan and not explanation with haters, Do you think you admission group fake you victorious? No and a thousand is not, The Sahara in the west and the sand for her family, and the triumph of his companions no consolation to you, You learned that we stand as one man pause system and regularity, to re-green march all Allowed the opportunity, and anything wrong with you, O enemies of the homeland.”

Source:, December 12, 2013.