Jihadis Announce New ISIS Website On The ‘Dark Web’

November 17, 2015

Jihadis are circulating a link to an Islamic State (ISIS) website on the Dark Web. The new website appears to be a mirror of Isdarat, a known website that publishes ISIS materials on the Clearnet.

Isdarat has changed its top-level domain name several times in the past year, supposedly after being targeted by cyber-attacks or its domain being reported to the hosting company. The shift to the more underground environment of the Dark Web appears to be a response to these events.

The Dark Web offers a challenge in both monitoring and removing content that appears on it.

Promoting ISIS website on the Dark Web (URL redacted by MEMRI): “#Caliphate_Productions launching the website on the Dark Web. Link via Tor…” (Source: Twitter.com/med_syrEira_91, November 15, 2015)


Contrary to the Clearnet, the Dark Web is the portion of the internet that can’t be accessed directly and is not indexed by common search engines. Using Tor (The Onion Router) is one way to access the Dark Web.

A 2014 review by MEMRI on jihadis’ perspective on, and use of, the Dark Web found little evidence indicating that the platform was being widely utilized by jihadis.


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