Jihadis And Others Discuss Facebook Hacking In The Arabic “Twitterverse”

July 30, 2015

The hacking Facebook accounts has recently been discussed among Arabic-speaking Twitter users. Instructional videos on how to hack accounts have appeared among non-jihadi and jihadi users alike, and jihadis in particular have asked for tech-savvy users to assist them in hacking operations. 

Jihadi Users

The following are examples of Arabic-language users discussing hacking Facebook accounts:

ISIS-affiliated user “Dawlat Al-Islam Baqiya”: “My brothers in Allah, I need a tech-savvy brother who can hack a Facebook account; it is very important, and [by doing so,] it provides a great service especially for supporters of the [Islamic] State and the mujahideen… Whoever is capable, [contact me via] private [message].”

ISIS supporter “Abu Karrar Al-Iraqi”: “As-salaam Alaikum. #Request Who is capable of hacking Facebook accounts, please contact me urgently, [doing so is a] service for the #Caliphate_State…”

ISIS supporter “Ibn Al-Nil” tweet containing a link to a video depicting “The hacking of six Rafidite [i.e. Shi’ite] Facebook pages”

Jihadi user “Rabeh Al-Husseini”: “Urgent. For spreading and circulation: Hacking the Facebook page of the Libyan Dar Al-‘Iftaa’, today, Tuesday, at 12:00 noon…”

Non-Jihadi Users

Many Arabic speaking Twitter users who are not affiliated with jihadi groups have also posted links to instructional videos on how to hack Facebook accounts. Arabic tweets about Facebook hacking are very prevalent. In the period between June 29, 2015, and July 29, 2015, Arabic-speaking Twitter users have tweeted using hashtags about Facebook hacking 417 times.[1]

Following are several examples:

“I added a video to the activation list on YouTube that explains how to hack Facebook”

Tweet by user @mahersalah6961 containing another video, in this case one on how to hack Facebook using the Kali Linux operating system

Tweet by “FadyAlaa” containing link to a video on how to hack Facebook “correctly 100% [of the time]”


[1] This number is the result of inputting different related Arabic hashtags into the social media analytics site Topsy and adding the total number of tweets.