Jihadi-Designed Video Games Simulate IED Attack Against Iranian Targets, Rescue Of Imprisoned Saudi Women – Links Included For MEMRI Readers To Try

March 28, 2014

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A jihadi going by the name of “Ta’ir Al-Nawras 07” recently released two online video games, one in which players can carry out an IED attack against Iranian and Hizbullah vehicles and the other in which they can attempt to rescue imprisoned Saudi women. The games were posted on the Ansar Al-Mujahideen Arabic Forum (AMAF).

Ta’ir Al-Nawras 07 is also the designer of another video game, in which players attempt to shoot down French aircraft. Like the first game, the two new games are primitive and HTML5-based, for online play. They can also be accessed through the TOR browser.

“Sayyad Al-Kashilat” – “Hunter Of The Minesweepers”

In the first game, “Sayyad Al-Kasihat” or “Hunter of the Minesweepers,” the player “repel[s] the Iranian Persian aggression against Al-Sham [Syria] and Iraq,” clicking to place an IED on a busy main road and then clicking on a black jihadi flag symbol to detonate it when army vehicles with Iranian and Hizbullah flags pass by. Scoring is according to the number of direct hits.

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