Islamist Hacking Group Targets Websites Of Dublin Gyms

July 23, 2015


The websites of three gyms owned by the South Dublin County Council were shut down temporarily after they were hacked by an “Islamist hacking group.”

The hackers posted a video with graphic images of dead, injured people and a woman with an American accent reading a message criticizing the war on terror.

The hackers posted a message on the images which read, “Admin Don’t Worry This Is just A Message And You Can Remove It. Your Website Has Been Defaced Cuz Just We Want To Show The Reality To da World. This Is The real Terrorism.”

Also posted was the logo for Libr8 Tunisia Facebook page.

Visitors to the web pages of one of the gyms were redirected to a page that claimed that the breach was carried out by an organization describing itself as the Tunisian Fallaga Team.

Source:, July 21, 2015.