Islamic Cyber Army Issues Security Directives On Telegram Following Shutdown Of Twitter Account

December 8, 2015


On December 8, 2015, the ISIS-affiliated Islamic Cyber Army issued a message, which was spread via the secure messaging app Telegram, regarding the recent shutdown of the CyberCaliphate twitter account. The message included security directives to its followers, claiming that a virus was attached to the kill list CyberCaliphate had posted on Twitter. Following is the text of the message:


“As we saw at the news Obama asked the help of the social media to help them fighting the #IslamicState on the network

“The #twitter management planted [a] virus in the kill list after taken over the #CyberCaliphate account yesterday.

“It’s important to not open any link to the kill list on the Web especially Twitter links

“And please be careful and follow the instructions below :

“1.Do not open any links unless it’s trusted

“2. Do not Use Direct messages on twitter.

“3. Do not trust anyone at all.

“4. Do not use any personal information on the social media or the device you use to support the #IslamicState

“5. Do not open any social media without using VPN or Tor to change your IP.

“6. Do not use #Firefox or #Chrome and Uninstall them from ur phone.

“7. Update your #Antivirus database constantly

“8 . Make sure that you firewall is active.

“The war is getting tougher than before so raise your senses of security to its level we will not stop supporting the #IslamicState no matter what they did.

“Do the above and everything will be fine in Sha Allah.


“With our best wishes

“Be safe

“Elite Section of

“Caliphate Cyber Army


Source: Islamic Cyber Army Telegram channel, December 8, 2015.