ISIS-Affiliated Twitter Account Tells Mujahideen: Insulate Your Mobile Phones So Spy Planes Can’t Pinpoint Your Location

December 24, 2014

On December 22, 2014, the @salm4198 Twitter account, which is affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS), published a document explaining to mujahideen how to prevent bombings by spy planes that pinpoint their locations using their mobile phones. The document was written by “Al-Mukhtar Al-Muqafi.”

Al-Muqafi first explains that the new-generation mobile phones are equipped with GPS which links directly to satellites, and that therefore their location can be pinpointed. These devices, he says, use many frequencies, including radio and electromagnetic waves, that operate in a frequency range where jamming to prevent monitoring of their uses is difficult – and cannot be done even by removing the device’s battery or SIM card.


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