Iran Cyber News Website Publishes “Exclusive” Interview With Iranian Hacking Team Member Who Hacked UK University Website

March 20, 2014

On March 20, 2014, the Iran Cyber News website published an interview with “Milad Hacking,” aka “milad_h4cking,” a member of Iran’s Ashiyane Digital Security Team, following his defacing of “the website of a UK university.”

The uploaded image defacing the website.

In the interview, “Milad Hacking” said regarding the defacing of the university website that “with God’s help and support we managed to get hold of the whole server in less than a week”  and that he would indeed be carrying out other attacks of this kind in the future, saying “we are always willing to show Iran’s power in cyber space to the global audience. God willing, there will be lot more projects to come [from us] in future, but I’d rather not to mention any of them yet.” He added that “It is likely that we will penetrate a few Israeli and American universities in a near future as well, which I hope God will help us to carry out our mission.” Regarding the image used, he said that “There are more disturbing images which we are intending to use in future.”

Advising other hackers, he said, “[T]here are other friends amongst the Iranian teams who are more experienced than me, the most prominent of them Ashiyane security team…  Unfortunately, we are increasingly witnessing that some friends against the rules [code of conduct], they concentrate their efforts to attack the Iranian sites and servers which is disturbing.”

He also discussed where he had learned his skills: “Initially, I started by following the links of the sites hacked by the Iranian teams, particularly Ashiyane… I entered the world of hacking with the guidance of my Master, Mr. Elyas Maleki, and through his guidance I succeeded to progress to a degree that as it stands I can have something to say in the world of hacking and security. Ashiyane was the only team that I worked with officially and I have never worked in any other team and I am very proud of being loyal to Ashiyane team.” 

He added that in his opinion the “top three [hacking] teams” in Iran are his own, Ashiyane Security Team, and then Exploiter and Iranian Dark Coders Team.

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