Identity Of Main Pro-ISIS Hacking Group United Cyber Caliphate Members Revealed

July 26, 2016

Members of hacktivist group Ghost Squad have publicly revealed the identities of several members of the pro-ISIS hacking group United Cyber Caliphate (UCC), including its previously unknown leader, Mauritania Attacker, according to a July 11, 2016 report by[1] The information included names, social media accounts, and phone numbers.

UCC is a collective Telegram account for four cyber jihadi organizations– Ghost Caliphate Section, Sons Caliphate Army, Caliphate Cyber Army, and Kalachnikov E-security team.  The act of revealing anonymous internet users’ true identities is often referred to as “doxing.”


Ghost Squad member s1ege announces dox on Twitter

According to the report, UCC leader Mauritania Attacker is Moulaye Ahmed Ould Ahmed Semane of Nouakchot, Mauritania.

Maurtania Attacker previously described himself in an interview with as a university graduate from Mauritania who began hacking at the age of 13. He said had been inspired by Anonymous to found the AnonGhost hacker group in 2012, and that he was “doing my duty for the Palestinian people who are oppressed by the Zionists.”[2]

Another member and co-founder of UCC is Ouali Bouziad, who uses the handle Extazy07.


Bouziad’s Facebook Page

Another UCC hacker was revealed to be Harith al-Muhajir.


Al-Muhajir’s Facebook page

In an interview with the website, S1ege, the Ghost Squad member who carried out the dox, gave the following statement: “We all know ISIS is not true Islam its fake and we are going to target every hacker inside of ISIS especially the ‘United Cyber Caliphate,’ which is a conjunction of hackers hacking for ISIS. They are trying to create a ‘Cyber Caliphate’ and we intend to prevent that and stop them in their tracks thus we named the operation #OpReverseCaliphate. Islam is not ISIS, ISIS is a gang attacking on Ramadan and they use drugs, rape women and kill innocent children. Their victims are of all religions, in fact, most of their victims are Muslims in Syria & Iraq!”

S1ege told that Ghost Squad currently had tabs on over 10,000 active ISIS members online.

According to, Ghost Squad had split off from the hacker group AnonGhost[3] after Mauritania Attacker declared support for ISIS and formed UCC. Regarding Ghost Squad’s affiliation, S1ege told that “Although we are Muslims Christians and Atheist we have no one religion and we accept all. But (it’s true that) majority of us are Muslims and we believe in true Islam not this fake ISIS shit.”

Source:, July 11, 2016;, July 19, 2016.


[1]  See MEMRI CJL, Hacker Website Interviews Anonghost Founder ‘Mauritania Attacker’, May 9, 2014.

[2] The website bills itself as “an independent and investigative news organization run by people of the Anonymous collective. Our goal here is to bring the people of the world important, modern daily news regarding topics from around the globe.”