Hackers Target Al Arabiya, Leak Passwords After Exploiting Zimbra Vulnerability

April 7, 2014


Hackers of the NullCrew collective targeted the Saudi-owned news organization Al-Arabiya. According to a report, the collective teamed up with The Horsemen of Lulz for the operation.

NullCrew wrote in a statement next to the data it leaked from Al-Arabiya: “Al Arabiya is the second largest news agency in the Middle East. Considering we’ve been targeting large media corporations? Well, it falls right into our range; So, without further ado. NullCrew and The Horsement Of Lulz persent to you? The candies.”

The two groups claimed to have exploited a vulnerability in email server and web client software Zimbra. As a result of the attack, usernames and passwords for the mail server have been leaked online.

The hackers told Softpedia that they’ve gained access to a lot of data, but it’s uncertain at this time whether they’ll leak more of it. They added their operation against the system isn’t limited to the “general part of the system.”

In February, according to the report, NullCrew breached Comcast.

Source: Softpedia, April 3, 2014.