Hackers Shut Down Saudi Bank Website As Part Of #OpSaudi

February 20, 2015


On February 17, 2015, a group of hackers calling themselves “The Oppressed Defenders” conducted a DDoS cyber-attack on the Saudi bank AlJazira, forcing the bank’s website to go offline for more than 30 minutes. The hackers said the reason for the attack were human rights violations in the kingdom. The hackers left the following message, which also references previous attacks they conducted on other Saudi financial banks such as Samba, Alhali, and Riyadh: “Creating security environment and violent reaction to people, having more than 30000 political prisoners in Saudi jails and… are not acceptable for any human being. We do not remain silent at Saudi regime’s brutal behavior with its people is ending… Those attacks on Samba, Alahli, Riyad bank were just small warnings to the Saudi regime and its king and if they don’t pay attention to the demands made by people, there will be attacks with more strength than before. These attacks are warnings to make Saudi regime change its behavior with the people and stops its wrong policies…”

Source: Hackread.com, February 18, 2015.