Hacker Website Interviews Anonghost Founder ‘Mauritania Attacker’

May 9, 2014


On April 25, 2014, the website Meethackers.in interviewed with Mauritanian hacker “Mauritania Attacker,” founder of the Anonghost hacker group.

In the interview, Mauritania Attackers says that he is “doing my duty for the Palestinian people who are oppressed by the Zionists.”

He describes himself as a university graduate from Mauritania who began hacking at the age of 13. He says he was inspired by the idea of Anonymous, leading him to found the Anonghost hacker group in 2012. He claims to have been targeted by spies, such as from the FBI and NSA, but that they were exposed and driven out by the hackers. When asked whether Israel tried to catch him, he replied “I prefer to die [than] to be captured by Israel.”

Source: Meethackers.in, April 25, 2014.