HaCkeR HeBroN: A Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel Hacker Group

July 30, 2015

HaCkeR HeBroN is the name of a Palestinian hacker collective that targets Israeli-owned websites. This group utilizes Islamic and Palestinian nationalist rhetoric to spread a message of hate towards Israel and solidarity with the Palestinians. Group members include hackers such as Dr. AFN[D]ENA, Al -Far3aPirate, and Aßø Màħđê. The group began operating on March 7, 2014, and the latest update on their activity was reported by the hack archiving site Zone-H on July 17, 2015. This group has been connected to the Makers Hacking Team, another pro-Palestinian hacker group.

Example of website defaced by the group. The Hebrew and Arabic caption reads “Before it is too late” (June 1, 2015)

Another deface message left by the group as part of #Op_save_alaqsa

HackeR HeBroN’s combined YouTube and Google+ page, which has a total of 37 subscribers as of July 23, 2015

Videos on HackeR HeBroN’s YouTube page. As of July 23, 2015, they have a total of 1,944 views

Makers Hacker Team promotes HaCkeR HeBroN’s hack of a Chinese website on their facebook page (September 5, 2014)