Jihadi Hacker Entity Attacks Indian, Israeli Websites, Promises Attacks On U.S., Its Allies, Economy

March 25, 2015

In the last few days, the “Al-Qaeda Electronic Base” – a hacker entity that sympathizes with Al-Qaeda and with the Islamic State (ISIS) – announced that it managed to deface a number of Israeli and Indian websites.

The announcements were posted on the group’s Twitter and Facebook pages, as well on Al-Fida’ forum. On its Facebook page, the group operates under the Al-Ma’arek Media Production Company. The defaced websites included images associated with Al-Qaeda, as well as the black banner of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Last week, the Al-Qaeda Electronic Base claimed attacks against several Chinese websites. The recently defaced websites included the same images.

The group noted that it targeted three Indian websites that belonged to the Indian company Viva, which sells educational materials online. “Thank to Allah, the three websites were under full control,” the group proclaimed. It further noted that it will continue targeting other websites of “unbelief and oppression,” including “attacking the American economy and the economy of its allies.”

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