GhostSec Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For #OpISIS

June 2, 2015


On May 31, 2015, GhostSec, a self-proclaimed “internationally based nonprofit counterterrorism organization” launched a crowdfunding campaign on to support #OpISIS – the ongoing effort by hacktivist groups such as Anonymous to combat the influence of ISIS on social media and the internet in general.

According to the GhostSec crowdrise page, “We have terminated over 45,000 Islamic State social media accounts that were used for recruitment purposes and transmission of threats against life and property. Our team has also detected numerous dangerous terror plots and responded accordingly. Additionally we have located and shut down over 100 Islamic State websites that were used heavily to circulate propaganda and plan attacks against civilized nations but with the help of people just like you we can achieve so much more.”

At the time of this writing, the campaign has gathered $1,235 from 11 donors.



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