Experts Suggest Yemen Cyber Army Could Actually Be Iranian

July 21, 2015


In recent months, a hacker group calling itself the Yemen Cyber Army has targeted numerous pro-Saudi and official Saudi government websites. On May 20, the group hacked the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and leaked info on tens of thousands of Saudi citizens and ministry personnel.[1]

However, recent clues indicate that the group could actually be Iranian, possibly the Iranian Cyber Army. Additionally, the same hackers could be the ones behind the 2012 Aramco hack, in which hackers wiped 30,000 company computers. The 2012 hackers called themselves the “Cutting Sword of Justice,” a phrase used by the Yemen Cyber Army after it had hacked the MFA. Another clue is that the MFA info was released on the Iranian site, which is used almost exclusively by Iranian hackers. The hack was also first announced by the semi-official Iranian Fars News Agency.

Source:, June 26, 2015.

[1] See MEMRI Cyber Jihad Lab report, Saudi Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Hacked By Yemen Cyber Army, May 22, 2015.