Cyberwar: Armenian, Turkish Hackers Target Each Other’s Gov’t Websites

April 30, 2015

In response to remarks by Pope Francis linking the term “genocide” with the Ottoman Turks’ 1915 mass killing of Armenians, Turkish hackers conducted a DDoS attack on Vatican City’s official website, causing it to shut down. They then began targeting Armenian government websites, to which Armenian hackers responded. The following is a review of the reciprocal attacks:


Attacks by Armenian hackers:

Armenian groups involved in cyber attacks against the Turkish government include Anonymous Armenia, Monte Melkonian Cyber Army, Caucasus cyber army, and ASALA. A Monte Melkonian Cyber Army spokesman said, “We have hacked 1,733 Turkish websites, including government owned sites. We have also leaked databases of 63+ Turkish websites.” The hacker added that there had also been DDoS attacks on several Turkish websites, including Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The following are screenshots of targeted websites:


A list of all the targeted websites was posted to Pastebin.

Armenian hackers also released a YouTube video showing clips from the 1993 Armenia-Turkey war.


Attacks by Turkish hackers:

The groups of Turkish hackers conducting cyber attacks on Armenian government are Anonymous Tuak and Turk Hack Team (THT). THT is the same group that took down the Vatican city website.

The Armenian websites taken down by these Turkish groups include the Armenian government portal, Armenia’s central bank, an Armenian business portal, and several other government owned domains.


The groups also tweeted news of their attacks, in a series of tweets. An example is below:


THT also released a YouTube video explaining the reason behind the targeting of Armenian websites.


The Turk Hackers said: “We Turkish hackers deny that there was ever any genocide against Armenians.”

Source: Hackread, April 25, 2015.