Canadian Church Website Hacked BY Pro-ISIS Hackers

November 13, 2014

On November 3, 2014, pro-ISIS hackers hacked and defaced the website of Inniswood Baptist Church ( in Barrie, Canada. They left a deface page and a message in Arabic and English on the hacked church website, showing their affiliation with ISIS.

The English message said “I love you ISIS” and featured the black jihadi flag. The Arabic message was lengthy and called for the destruction of America, and included images of fighter jets and bloody victims of attacks.

Below are the two deface images uploaded by pro-ISIS Arab hackers:

 cjl5 cjl6

This is not the first time pro-ISIS hackers have targeted a Canada-based website. Two weeks previously, the website of the University of New Brunswick student union also came under attack, by the same group.

The church website was restored as of this writing.

Source:, November 6, 2014