Arab Anonymous Hackers Group Expresses Support For Islamic State (ISIS), Offers It ‘Electronic Support’ Against Its Enemies, Threatens Attacks On U.S. If It Continues Interfering In Muslims’ Affairs

November 25, 2014

On November 17, 2014, the hacker collective Anonymous released a video expressing support for the Islamic State (ISIS), while offering it “electronic support” to fight its enemies. The video, whose authenticity couldn’t be verified, was posted on the YouTube channel of AnonymousARAB-TV, and is 3:15 in duration. The video expresses sympathy with ISIS, saying it comprises a group of mujahideen who seek to establish an Islamic state “on the path of prophethood.”

Anonymous also criticizes the U.S.’s involvement in Muslims’ affairs, and threatens to launch cyber-attacks against government apparatuses and major corporations, if such interference continues. The group also expresses support for ISIS, and offers it electronic assistance in fighting those whom, it says, oppose the creation of a “state of truth and peace.” Anonymous also congratulates ISIS fighters and wishes them victory, while warning Arab coalition countries against collaborating with the “enemies of peace.”

The following are excerpts from the Anonymous video:

“We are Anonymous, and this is a message directed to the Islamic State. We completely realize that the Islamic State is a group of mujahideen who demand the establishment of an Islamic State on the path of prophethood. And we know well its beginning in the lands of Al-Sham and Iraq, as well as we know how it was [unintelligible] who swore oath of obedience to Emir Al-Mu’mineen Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi…

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