An Interview With “The Horsemen”- #OpDubai Hackers

April 7, 2014



In an interview with The Horsemen, who were behind #opdubai, #OpAlbuquerque, and #OpEgypt, group representative “n3m35i5” said that the group was established in 2013 by himself and “my friend namely Anonimer,” and has five members.

He said that he attended “a school called New Century in Huntsville, Alabama” and “had a brilliant computer teacher named Mr. Morse. He got me really into computers and since then it just became something I’m good at doing and really enjoy doing.”

The group aims to expose corrupt governments, he said, and Dubai fit the bill. In other attacks, he says, “we DDoS’d the Noorbank website among with a few others, defaced hvcindia, and hacked emails.”

He added that “Any information we leak will be posted on @thehorsemenlulz” and that his group would be participating in #OpIsrael and was “more than ready” for it. #OpEgypt, he said, was still ongoing.

The report added that #opdubai is also still ongoing, and that the group will soon be leaking data about Dubai government,

Source:, April 2014.