An Interview With Anonsec Hackers (#opIsrael)

March 1, 2014

The Meethackers website interviewed Anonsec, a group behind #opIsrael, speaking with group representative “Mrlele Legion.” 


In the interview, “Mrlele Legion” said that he had founded AnonSec, “with the Help of my great friend “AnonSec666,'” in November 2011. Adding that he “was a hacker even before I made AnonSec” he said that his and AnonSec666’s “first Op was #OpSickosDown for pedophiles and we were able to target every pedophile website and shoot them down together.” He added here a link to Pastebin for some of their hacks.

Listing about a dozen official AnonSec members, he said that the upcoming #OpIsraelBirthday “Will be so hard” and that it will include “Leaking Personal Datas/Spamming Emails/Spamming Cell phones/Leaking Websites/Leaking Emails and password/Defacing/DDOS Attacks/And Maybe Publish hacked websites and gov.”

He noted that the group’s Facebook fanpage had been deleted several times but that it was not by Israel, noting “no israhell cant do shit! its fb security team hating on us haha”

And that the group was threatned by “f.b.i,or from any cyber security” said that “israeli hackers are kids and noobs, if they were real hackers they would patch their shitty security by now lol , we’re laughing at their security since 2012//.”

Source:, March 2014.