An Interview With AnonGhost (#OPISRAEL)

March 1, 2014

The Meethackers website interviewed AnonGhost, the group behind #opIsrael, after the group announced that it would launch another a cyber attack against Israel on  April 7, 2014, #opIsraelbirthday.


In the interview, the group’s representative, “Anonxoxtn” said that the group was founded two years ago by member “mauritania attacker” and that he himself had joined because “we fight for a reason a good reason with professional hackers.” Describing #opIsrael, he said that “anonghost was the first team who announced the cyberwar on israel with the participation of many hackers around the world and anonsec hackers are the the best of them. for the next opisrael we are targeting gov website civilian website social media everything.”

“[T]he message is clear; we will not remain silent in front of the Zionism massacre in Palestine, Palestine will be free, we will not remain  silent anymore to support our brothers and sisters in Palestine, there is no place for Israeli in Palestine,” he said, adding that “this operation will be more bigger and powerful.”

Noting that the group has been “working on [this operation] from December 2013,” he said that hackers joining them were “anonymous, anonymous ps anonymous tunisia, anonymous arabe org     kalashnikovtn and many others.”

Adding that Israeli hackers “don’t deserve to be called hackers, and yes they know that we are coming,” the hacker sent a message “from AnonGhost team to Israhell: you call us terrorist and we are proud to be terrorist but we wont stop hacking defacing leaking exposing your pigs, there is no israhel its only Palestine.”

He added that the group has “handled many operation: opisrael, opisrael reborn, oppetrol, opburma, optrollisrael and one op against opislam lunched by israhel.”

Source:, March 2014.