A Talk With Kashmir Cyber Army: “We Hack For Every Oppressed Country”

April 1, 2014


A recent report on a blog of a “talk” with Kashmir Cyber Army (KCA), as represented on a chat by “kashmir cyber army (84ckd00r5p1d3r),” focused on the group’s purpose and origin. The hacker also said that the group was preparing for #opIsrael, set for April 7, 2014.

“Kashmir cyber army (84ckd00r5p1d3r)” described the group as “an official Cyber team which is defending ISLAM and PAKISTAN and is fighting to make KASHMIR Free.” Claiming that the group’s most recent operation was “on 26jan. and from  Feb  9 to 11th Feb on the anniversary of maqbool bhat and afzal guru,” he also provided a Pastebin link (pastebin.com/9Qcs96Aa) showing the exploits of that hack, which he said was to mark India’s Republic Day and was called [#]op26jan.

“[W]e hack for every oppressed country,” he said, including “.il websites” and added that the group is “also preparing for #opIsrael on 7th of April. InShaAllah we will bring down isrealhell to his knees.” He also said, “[W]e never hacked n.s.a but in future we will hack them In sha Allah.”

Explaining the history of the group, the hacker said that “hax 3xploit founded K.c.a in 2011 then i joined him in 2012 I was working for pak cyber experts at that time and i still work for p.c.e . then i also created my own group with same name k.c.a then i met to hax 3xploit and created K.c.a ,i got interested in hacking by trying to hack  fb a/c .” He noted that he had “got inspired from pak cyber army and z.h.c”

Naming what he said were the nine current KCA members, he said that the group was “working for a good cause and i don’t care weather they will give me death sentence we are doing jihad against those pagan’s who are doing atrocities on innocent Muslims.” And accessing indian cyberspace took some time but that ” In Sha Allah we will countine our strugle till the freedom of kashmir and Palestine.”

He added that for #opIsrael and for other operations KCA would use the tactics of “Leaking Personal Datas, Spamming Emails, Spamming Cell phones, Leaking Websites, Leaking Emails and password, Defacing, DDOS Attacks.”

Source: Meethackers.in, undated.